Stakeholder Investigation

Last Thursday, Donovan and I felt that Dean Covert, Ashley Hill, Hannah Piechowski, Hunter Williams, and the Student Involvement Office as a whole were the Stakeholders most involved with our project.  We found them by looking up the Transy student life staff online.
Michael Covert is the Dean of Students.  As this relates to campus life, I believe that our topic comes under his jurisdiction.
I’m not sure how related Ashley Hill is to the situation as Director of Student Wellbeing, but she seems to be involved (currently or in the past) in several departments around Transy.  I think even if she can’t help us directly, she would be a good resource.
As Assistant Director of Residence Life and Housing, I believe that Hannah Piechowski may not directly be responsible for the sort of committee that we plan to implement, but that she can help us with feasibility and so forth
Hunter Williams is the Director of Campus and Community Engagement and Michelle Thompson is the Assistant Director.  This seems the most related to the subject of creating an advisory committee for Indy students.
On the Student Life webpage, the department suggests that they value student centered communication and collaboration.  Our plan would increase the input of students that are not as strongly represented and increase communication between Indy students, Greek students, and school officials.
There are some risks involved with this.  Someone mentioned to me that something like this was attempted to be set up a year or two ago and that the Greek students shot the idea down.  This is partly why I have tried to make it clear that this is not meant to supplant Greek organizations.  All we really want is more representation and the occasional event.  Indy students compose 47% of Transy’s student body.  Surely there should be some sort of organization/board/committee set up to represent their unique interests.
Regarding the bureaucracy of the situation, I think that this committee may take back burner at the moment in light of Friday’s incident.  I am concerned that everyone will be too busy with (obviously) more important things to deal with the brain damage of setting up a committee.  I could be wrong though and I hope that I am.
I would like to think that the stakeholders could see how this could benefit nearly half of the student at Transy directly and the other half indirectly.  However, I have no idea how they will react.  They could think that it is a waste of resources.  I have not actually asked any of them what their thoughts are yet and have had too little experience with them to make an educated guess.


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